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Reality Check – Baseball Not So Important

I turned the televison off in the living room and headed for the shower. I wasn’t happy. I just watched the Tampa Bay Rays get eliminated from the MLB playoffs by the Texas Rangers in game 5. I couldn’t believe the mental errors that were made by a usually smart baseball team. I love sports, and I probably take it too serious – especially when my team is on the losing end.

Getting into bed, I wasn’t ready to sleep yet. Why do you spend all that time and energy playing all of those games, just to lose in the first round of the playoffs? I know it wasn’t their intention – but it was still tough to watch….And then I changed the channel to CNN. The first Chilean miner of the 33 trapped underground was making his way to the surface. The wheel was spinning, and with each rotation, the first rescue was another foot closer to becoming a reality.

Family members waited nearby. The miner’s wife and child stood with smiles on their faces. Anticipation was mounting as the time passed. It would take 15 minutes to go from underground to surface. I guess after over 60 days being trapped, what was another quarter of an hour? I have to say, as each minute passed, I found myself holding my breath and praying that nothing went wrong.

The little boy waiting for his dad just kept smiling as rescuers talked with him. Finally, Miner #1 reached the surface. After a minute of getting him out of the protective cage, he finally got to touch his family once again. The little boy, with tears flowing from his eyes, probably will never smile or be as happy as he was in that moment.

You think about everything these men and their families have been through over the last couple of months, and it gives you a serious reality check. Here I was, laying in a warm bed with my wife at my side, just minutes before, angry at the world because a baseball team lost. It’s moments like the ones being witnessed over the last 14 hours that everyone should stop and think about what’s important in life. For me, it’s being able to love my family and enjoying the company of good people. It’s about learning new things in life, making people laugh, and doing what you love. It isn’t about making the most money or being famous. And “most important” certainly isn’t being on the winning side of a baseball game.

Feeling Crafty? Not so much…

What is it about hanging up pictures that is so difficult? We’ve got a collection of frames and pictures now sitting in our living room that have been collected over the years.

We decided to pull them out of the closet and consider hanging them on the wall in our living/dining rooms. Only trouble is…we must lack the ability to fully see our plan through. It’s now four hours later, and I’m sitting here typing away. Christy is laying down with a headache, and our dog Riley seems to be the only one with any energy (If only she could use a hammer and nails). I think she might do a better job of hanging the pictures anyway.

I think we’re trying to get too artistic. Real Simple magazine makes it look easy, but in all honesty, it’s more Real Difficult than anything. Oh….but the grocery list is done for the week. Although, we still have to actually make it to the Harris Teeter and buy the food on that list. So there you have it…another project unfinished. What to do….What to do…

Charitable Organizations Outpacing Other Sectors in Social Media Use

A UMASS Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research study is painting a clear picture into large non-profits and their use of social media. The initial study in 2007 revealed that non-profits had a better understanding, attitude and usage of social media than large and small businesses, and universities. In 2009, 97 percent of charitable organizations said they are using some form of social media, including blogs, podcasts, message boards, social networking, video blogging, wikis and Twitter.

Here are some highlights of the study:

Most Familiar Social Media Tool

2007 2008 2009
Blogging (62%) Social Networking (70%) Social Networking (88%)

Social Media Usage

2007 2008 2009
75% of respondents 89% of respondents 97% of respondents

General Statistics

  • 65% of non-profits are blogging.
  • Non-profits are the most prolific bloggers of any organization studied
  • 47% are using WordPress as their platform.
  • Charities are out-blogging Fortune 500, the Inc. 500, US colleges and universities for a third year in a row.

Perhaps the most important statements of the study are…

“The mantra of the blogosphere is ‘conversation.’ Blogs that are unattended lose their audience. In the 2007 study 85 percent of those charities with blogs accepted comments. That percentage rose in 2008 to 88 percent. The latest study shows 90 percent of charity blogs accepting comments. These organizations realize the importance of the conversation and want to engage their audience.”

“For volunteers/donors looking to have a conversation online about particular aspects of the charity’s mission, this increased interaction through comments can be significant. With more and more non-profits moving into multiple channels of social media, those that don’t allow for conversation will quickly be passed by.”

“Fifty-six percent of those without a blog in the 2009 survey planned to add one in the future, making blogs a permanent tool now and for the forseeable future.”

For a look at the entire study please click here.

What can JLC Writing Services do for you? Is your organization/non-profit/business/company ready to start blogging? Let’s discuss your options!

Tony McManus Benefit #Concert – #charlotte #clt

If anyone is familiar with Tosco Music Party in Charlotte, NC – please take a look at the email below from its organizer and consider making a donation or attending the event.

From John Tosco:

Dear TMP Friends:

It’s not often that I invite you to participate in a high-quality musical event as deeply important as the one I’m about to describe.

You see, my friends Turner and Tara Simkins have an 8-year-old child, Brennan, that was diagnosed with AML, a form of leukemia, two years ago. After having had a relapse and almost losing hope last fall, Brennan is currently in remission, due to a first-of-its-kind protocol that was funded through innovative-research investment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. He was the first patient in this ground-breaking study that could now save the lives of countless other children.

The trick now is to keep Brennan healthy. He is a fragile little egg. The Simkinses, not wanting to be caught off guard as they were when he relapsed, are being very proactive in investing in new treatments that could potentially help him down the road, and will definitely help others.

That’s where you come in, and thus, my invitation to you. I want to invite you all to a one-of-a-kind benefit concert featuring world-class guitarist Tony McManus (deemed the “Jeff Beck of acoustic guitar”) on August 18 at 6:30 p.m. at the Allison Sprock Gallery at 600 Queens Road to benefit Press On, a research fund to help Brennan and another little boy, Patrick, fight pediatric cancer, specifically AML and neuroblastoma. Tickets for the event are $100 per person and $175 per couple, and 100% of the monies raised goes to Press On’s targeted protocols. It’s these protocols that are keeping Brennan, Patrick, and others like them alive.

Tony is flying in from Toronto, donating his time and incredible talent, to make this event not only a rewarding one, but also a musically memorable one. I’ve heard Tony. He’s unbelievable. You’ve got to hear him, too.

Here’s the link to click on, see details, purchase tickets, and print the invitation to spread the word.

If you are unable to attend, please seriously consider making a donation. It would mean so much.

I hope to see you at the concert.


John Tosco

#Google Me Oh My

Business owners will find a new way to get your Google on very soon. Google is getting into the social networking game again, following an initial failure of Google Buzz. The new service, reportedly called Google Me, is still just a rumor, but many believe Google would be crazy not to create a social network to rival Facebook. 

Google Me will link your Google profile page, while YouTube users will help grow the network as well. Recently reported by Chris Crum,, Google will soon require YouTube users to link their accounts to a Google account. You should see an immediate impact on the social networking front as a vast majority of these accounts will probably make their way to Google Me.  

Companies could benefit by being at the forefront of this next social networking site (Better to figure it out in the beginning and get established while your competition spins its wheels and plays catch-up). Businesses spend a lot of time focusing on Google and getting to the top of its search rankings. Establishing yourself on Google Me is sure to only help your Google factor.

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One Year Anniversary – J. Jacobson Enterprises

Just a quick congratulations to J. Jacobson Enterprises (JJE) for a successful first year! The Charlotte, NC-based JJE specializes in helping nonprofits develop the platform and tools necessary to support effective fundraising activities. JLC Writing Services wishes you much success in the coming year.