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Michael Jackson – my 2 cents

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It’s Sunday night and people have  had a few days to digest the news of Michael Jackson’s death. I’ve had mixed emotions about his passing. I am not a particularly huge fan, although the Thriller album was the first cassette tape I ever owned – given to me for Easter of all occasions.

I don’t know that I really understood the music back then. I would guess I was 6 or 7 at the time it came out. I think I was more in love with the video, and everything that would make it scary to a child of my age. I can’t say I ever owned another Michael Jackson album.

I vaguely remembered him catching his hair on fire while shooting a Pepsi commercial. His later escapades are clearer – marrying Lisa Marie, dangling his child over a balcony, and of course the numerous accusations. It seems that any time Jackson made headlines…the circumstances were weirder and weirder. I guess it is fitting that his final headline was that of dying at a relatively still young age.

His icon status, along with perceived oddities, made it pretty easy to see him less as a person and more as a product. I guess that’s why I’m not all that sad to hear of his death. Too many accusations from children have soured my image of him as well. I have to believe, some of it had to be true or that partial truths are being told.

I feel bad for his family and his true fans. However, all the hysteria is a little much (at least in this country). You have your typical bandwagon fans out there. People who claim to be fans, but probably haven’t listened to his music in a decade. Yet there they are….crying for the camera. Had he not died, they probably wouldn’t have thought about him for another 20 years, but because there is so much attention on the story – they feel they have to be a part of it.

Add in the media coverage on every major news outlet and I’m left looking for anything that might not reference MJ (mostly Animal Planet) – although there will probably be a story about his pet chimp Bubbles at some point.

Anyone else tired of seeing the “Breaking News” reports 72 hours after the real “Breaking News” occurred?


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