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#Blogging for #Business – Parts of a #Blog

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Welcome to the JLC Writing Services Blog

Jason Curts

My Disclaimer

It has occured to me, with the help of my wonderful wife, that while this blog has some useful information about writing and blogging, the content is pretty vanilla. I originally set this up to showcase my ability to write, but quickly got away from doing just that...

So with that said, you will see some changes to the type of content being generated through my blog. Mostly, I'm letting loose and whatever comes to mind will probably show up here.

I have a lot of opinions and many observations about life and the craziness that goes on around all of us. None of it will be meant to offend, as I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. I will respect yours and I ask that you respect mine as well.

I would urge you to comment and share your opinions as well - It's what makes this world, and life, exciting.

If you like my writing style and see that it could fit in one of your upcoming projects, please get in touch with me. I love to write and being able to do it for a living is the ultimate dream job for me.



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JLC Writing ServicesEvery blog has basic components that will help you inform your readers about both your expertise and the topic at hand. Here are the parts you will want to include in your blog to help add credibility to your site.


It is pretty obvious that any blog post will need to have a title. Most blogging sites don’t allow you to even post a blog without one. Make sure to keep the headline on-topic to what you are writing about and include keywords that others would seek out.

If you are the creative type, try writing the headline so that it makes your reader want to keep reading. If your topic is interesting, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your audience to read, but having a good headline may draw more people to your blog who wouldn’t necessarily view it otherwise.


I will talk about the type of content in my next post, so I won’t go into too much detail. Just remember to write about information that your audience would find interesting. And of course, you should find the content interesting as well. If you don’t really care about a specific blog post, it will come across in your writing.

Don’t forget that photos, videos, audio, etc. are all good options to add into your posts to give your readers a full experience. Also, break up your posts into several paragraphs. No one likes reading one long continuous paragraph, or run-on sentences for that matter. Spell-check and grammar check are your friends. While they aren’t always correct in their suggestions, you shouldn’t have misspelled words or poor grammar. Your credibility goes down when easy mistakes are overlooked.


One of your goals with a blog is to create a community and dialogue with your readers. Many times, after someone reads your post, they may have comments or questions about what you had to say. You should enable comments to be left on your posts, and remember to respond when someone does leave a comment.

Many blogging services allow you to control who can leave comments. Make it a requirement that anyone who wants to leave a comment must, at the very least, include their name and email address. A minimum requirement like name and email will help cut down on the amount of spam you receive. Also consider approving comments before they can be published.

Contact Information

Somewhere on the side of your blog, should be all your relevant contact information. You are, of course, hoping to generate some business out of your blog. If someone is looking for a home in your city and happens to come across a great blog post that you wrote, make it easy for them to get in touch with you.

Some Contact info to include would be:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Website
  • Link to Twitter
  • Link to LinkedIn

Subscribe Button/Link

If you are providing great content and your audience is continuing to read your posts, it is important to give them the ability to subscribe to your blog through an RSS feed. I will write more specifics about an RSS feed in a later post, but the feed in short, is delivered to anyone who subscribes to your blog and is updated whenever you add a new post. Services like Google and Yahoo allow users to have one central location where they can read all their RSS feeds that they are subscribed to, rather than going to each blog and seeing if anything new has been posted.

There is some other information that you may want to include in your blog. It really is up to you what you offer your audience, but the above information is a good start. As you become familiar with your blog, you will no doubt start generating and creating more information to include in your blog. Please leave me some questions or comments if you have them…Happy Blogging!


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