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#Google Me Oh My

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Jason Curts

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It has occured to me, with the help of my wonderful wife, that while this blog has some useful information about writing and blogging, the content is pretty vanilla. I originally set this up to showcase my ability to write, but quickly got away from doing just that...

So with that said, you will see some changes to the type of content being generated through my blog. Mostly, I'm letting loose and whatever comes to mind will probably show up here.

I have a lot of opinions and many observations about life and the craziness that goes on around all of us. None of it will be meant to offend, as I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. I will respect yours and I ask that you respect mine as well.

I would urge you to comment and share your opinions as well - It's what makes this world, and life, exciting.

If you like my writing style and see that it could fit in one of your upcoming projects, please get in touch with me. I love to write and being able to do it for a living is the ultimate dream job for me.



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Business owners will find a new way to get your Google on very soon. Google is getting into the social networking game again, following an initial failure of Google Buzz. The new service, reportedly called Google Me, is still just a rumor, but many believe Google would be crazy not to create a social network to rival Facebook. 

Google Me will link your Google profile page, while YouTube users will help grow the network as well. Recently reported by Chris Crum, WebProNews.com, Google will soon require YouTube users to link their accounts to a Google account. You should see an immediate impact on the social networking front as a vast majority of these accounts will probably make their way to Google Me.  

Companies could benefit by being at the forefront of this next social networking site (Better to figure it out in the beginning and get established while your competition spins its wheels and plays catch-up). Businesses spend a lot of time focusing on Google and getting to the top of its search rankings. Establishing yourself on Google Me is sure to only help your Google factor.

Check back for updates on the Google Me saga….Or better yet – subscribe to my blog feed to the right.



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